An Introduction to Omega-Subgroup

  • Elijah E. Edeghagba Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bauchi State University, Gadau, Nigeria
  • Umar F. Muhammad Department of Mathematics, Nigerian Army University, Biu, Nigeria
Keywords: Omega-set, Omega-groupoid, Omega-group, Omega-subgroup, Omega-Equality, Complete lattice


In the language of Omega-groupoid we introduce Omega-subgroup, where a groupoid is an algebraic structure endow with one binary operation.
Omega-subgroup is defined, as a generalization of the classical subgroup. In this case it was shown that the properties of Omega-groups are inherent in their Omega-subgroups. We then introduce and define the notions: center of an Omega-group, centralizers and normalizers of an Omega-subset of an Omega-group. Furthermore we investigate and prove some of the properties of these notions as in the case of classical group theory.

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Edeghagba, E. E., & Muhammad, U. F. (2022). An Introduction to Omega-Subgroup. International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Optimization: Theory and Applications, 8(1), 22 - 36.